Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Naughty Nurse

a flyer for a rock band with a two headed nurse on it

explicit content warning

         Rainy wanted to see Naughty Nurse in concert all her life.  The band had been her favorite since she was a death-rocking teenager, but they lived on the west coast and never toured.  Not long after they recorded Corpse Enema, their first and only studio album, the bassist, Doctor Quietus, stole the headliner's tour van and overdosed inside.  The band split up.  Some twenty odd years later, the lead singer Morticia Mortician put together a new band and went back on the road playing the old classics.  Rock -n- fucking roll.  
          The day of the concert, Rainy awoke at sunrise even though she usually couldn't get up before noon.  She had a fabulous dream wherein she was going to see KISS with the guys from Detroit Rock City. 
She had spent three days getting ready.  She had gained weight since she'd quit smoking, and thus, she had a closet full of awesome clothes but nothing to wear.  She wasn't fat; she just wasn't crack whore thin anymore.  She was broke, so she decided to make her outfit. 
She had kept her old prom dress, a replica of Death's dress from The Sandman: Season of Mists, because she had made it, not for any sentimental reasons.  She hadn't even wanted to go to the prom, but her mother had made her, insisting Rainy would later regret it if she didn't.  Rainy had given up her virginity years before, and what else did a prom have to offer?  The same five pop songs on repeat, grocery store hors d'oeuvres, and no booze.  She had been a little chunky back then, too, and the dress had a loose fit, so she decided she could work with it.  She cut off the top of the dress, discarded it in a box full of scrap material, and then finished the skirt by sewing the sash from the dress around the waist. 
She couldn't decide which of two pairs of bargain, Halloween witch tights to wear.  One pair had purple and black stripes, and the other had green and black stripes.  When she tried them on, she discovered that the green pair didn't fit.  One size fits all, my ass, she thought, but the other "one size fits all" pair of tights fit well.  God bless China, she thought.  In the end, she decided to wear both pair.  She cut the crotch from the purple pair and put them on first.  Then, she cut off the green pair just above the knee and shredded the hell out of them.  She put the green pair on overtop of the purple pair and secured them with a purple garter belt. 
She put on a black, satin, push-up bra.  She hated bras and, until earlier in the week when she'd bought the bra for a job interview, hadn't worn one since her eighteenth birthday, the day she'd moved out of her mom's.  But since she'd gained weight, and since much of it had settled in her breasts, she decided she liked the added support.  Overtop of the bra, she wore a black, 45 Grave muscle shirt emblazoned with a white Baphomet pentagram. 
She put a layer of lotion on her face and then powdered it with cornstarch until she looked pale like a china doll.  She gave herself vintage forties eyes, rimming them boldly with liquid eyeliner and then applying a layer of white eyeliner pencil to the area between the eyelashes and eyeball.  Her eyes, brown like a lake full of algae, seemed bigger.  She painted on the eye shadow, smoke gray along the lid and extending out and up on the sides.  Then she applied a layer of white above it to intensify the effect.  She painted her eyelashes in goops of mascara like a cheap whore.  She lined her lips black with an eyeliner pencil and then filled them in.  She rubbed her blush brush in the gray eyeliner.  She sucked in her cheeks like a fish and applied the gray powder. 
Her hair, she put up in pigtails, which she teased out and shellacked with Aqua Net.  The chemical taste filled her mouth and nostrils even though she held her breath.  For that added Deliriumesque look, she hung loops and curls of green and purple ribbons in her hair. 
She put on her occultic rings and a necklace of a real jeweled beetle against a glow in the dark background and encased in polymer.  She slipped on her combat boots and a 70's era leather jacket that she had pimped out with buttons, patches, chains, safety pins, and spikes. 
          She arrived at the venue, a dirty little hole in the wall, early.  The band hadn't set up yet and the bouncer wouldn't let her come in out of the cold.  Rainy took the Naughty Nurse flier advertising the night's show off the glass.  She rolled it up and stuck it in her jacket pocket.  She leaned against the wall by the club door and wished she had a cigarette.  The band sounded awesome while they did their sound check.  She clutched a rare, Naughty Nurse promotional interview album against her chest, anxious to get it signed. 
An old friend she hadn't seen in years pulled up and parked his punch buggy on the street before the club.  He jumped out of the car.  He ran up to Rainy and wrapped his arms around her in a bear hug. 
"Murry!" she cried.  "Oh my God, it’s so good to see you!  What have you been up to?"      
          "What are you doing now?"
          "Still delivering pizzas.  Do you wanna sit in my car with me until they let us in?  I still gotta put on my makeup."
          "Yeah.  It's cold out here."

*  *  *

          Finally, the door opened, and they went inside.  Morticia sat behind her merchandise booth.  Rainy felt nervous.  She hugged the record tightly.  She looked forward to meeting her idol, but she felt terrified that she'd look like a fool or that Morticia would be cruel to her. 
Morticia stood up.  Rainy felt her heart beat quicken as Morticia walked towards her.  The singer got in Rainy's face.  "I know you know who I am," she said.  Are you going to talk to me?"
          Over the years, Rainy had noticed the rock star effect, meaning, when a band performed on a stage, the camera angles or first person point of view always looked up at them.  Therefore, one would remember a band member as being really tall.  Standing here in the flesh, Morticia seemed so tiny, so fragile, and so beautiful. 
Rainy felt her heart skip a beat before collecting herself.  "I do know who you are.  It's just, you're like a goddess to me."  She didn't know what else to say, so she asked how the tour was going.
          "Good -- exhausting," Morticia said.  "We've been in the van today for eight hours.  We've played twelve nights in a row.  Tomorrow is our first break." 
Rainy got her record signed, and Morticia excused herself to the backstage.  Rainy took the album out to her car and returned to take a seat at the bar.  She ordered a whisky sour.  Soon, the crowd began to arrive, a hodgepodge of punks, death rockers, and greasers.
          A girl walked up to the bar beside Rainy.  She had a blue mohawk and her nose, ears, and lower lip were all pierced.  She wore a tiny, skin tight, shiny white latex dress that laced up the front and almost squished her breasts out of it.  Her muscled arms bore black and white tattoos form shoulder to wrists.  She had high, angular cheekbones, a slight overbite, and large, penetrating eyes.
Rainy took in the girl's presence: powerful, sexual, intense, and breathtaking.  They made eye contact for the briefest of moments before Rainy looked away to her own combat boots.  She could feel the girl still staring at her.  She felt herself growing wet, and she became very aware of the ripped out crotch of her stockings.  The girl took her drink and disappeared into the shadowed and smoky crowd.
          The opening band, The Forgettables, took stage.  Rainy had never heard them before, but she gave them a chance.  They played a set of rockabilly.  Not bad, but not great either.  They finally cleared the stage.
          The girl with the mohawk tossed a coffin-shaped bass case onto the stage and climbed up.  The case had Naughty Nurse painted on it in white, stenciled letters.  She now wore a white latex nurse's hat with a bright red cross on it.  The hat was more like a headband with an open top, and her mohawk stuck out behind it.  She opened up the case and pulled out a black Gibson emblazoned with flames.  She laid a hand written set list on the floor near the front and center part of the stage.
          The rest of the band found their places.  They opened the set with "Somebody's Eating My Rotten Brain," a fist fuck with heavy bass and dissonant minor chords.  "I took some bad medicine, got a hole in my brain, mainlining morphine doesn't kill the pain," Morticia sang, her voice like a dying angel's. 
Rainy shook her head back and forth, beating her own face with her pigtails and ribbons.  She bounced up and down and shook her whole body like an epileptic on espresso.  She made the sign of the beast with her hand and raised it up into the night again and again.  She screamed the lyrics along with her goddess.  She loved the band.  She wanted to give them her energy.  As she danced, she envisioned her fervor for the music coming out of her as a multicolored, psychedelic swirl of energy and exciting the band.  The band seemed to feel it, and they gyrated and danced more violently.
          Morticia stopped after the third song to introduce the band:  Pharmacy Phil on Drums, Anesthesia Andy on Guitars, and lovely Nurse Sin on bass.
          Sin tore out the first groans and moans of "SIDS."  The music came through her as if channeled straight form hell.  The melodic drudgery nearly popped Rainy's eardrums like a virgin's cherry.
          By the last song, Rainy felt exhausted and out of breath.  Her body ached all over, and she dripped with sweat.  After the encore, when the band finally stopped playing, Rainy's ears were ringing and tingling from the deathrock ear fuck.  She went to the bar and got another whisky sour.
Sin and Andy packed away the equipment.  Sin took her coffin case to the merchandise table, where Morticia signed autographs while Phil collected cash.  She bent over to slide the case between the table and wall.  Rainy looked at Sin's supple ass beneath the skintight latex.  She drew in a deep breath and sighed.  Sin finished stowing the case.  She turned, and noticing Rainy, walked over.  She sat down on the stool next to her. 
          "Great show," Rainy said.
          Sin spoke with an Australian accent.  "You were awesome, too.  Thanks for dancing and singing along.  Can I buy you a drink?"
          "Yeah, a shot of whiskey," she said.
          Sin said to the bartender, "Two shots of Jameson's.  Make them doubles."  The bartender set down the shot glasses and poured the shots in front of the girls.  "To booze!"  Sin said, and they clinked their glasses together before they downed their shots.  "Well, you know my name.  What's yours?"
          "I'm Rainy."
          The girls talked and laughed, all the while drinking, until Sin flirted herself an invitation back to Rainy's place.
*  *  *

          Rainy lay face up on a surgical table with her bare flesh pressed against the cold steel, her hands and feet strapped to it.  Myriad adjustable medical floor lamps illuminated her.  The concrete walls were tagged in graffiti.  The only windows were four small slits near the ceiling.  Beneath her, there was a drain in the concrete floor.  She had set up this room in her basement years ago, but never had anyone to use it with.
          Sin took a pitcher of ice water from the roll away table and poured it into a Styrofoam cup.  She held it up to Rainy's black lips.  "Drink," she said and tipped the cup, spilling water down Rainy's face and tits.  She poured cup after cup, until Rainy's belly sloshed and gurgled.  Rainy belched.  She felt so full of water that she thought she might puke.  Sin set the cup and pitcher aside.  She pinched Rainy's nipples and pulled them, stretching Rainy's tits out.  "Don't piss!" she commanded.  "If you piss, I'll be furious.  Understood?"
          "Yes, Nurse Sin," Rainy said meekly.
          Sin ascended the steps and closed the door behind her, leaving Rainy to percolate.  After a little while, Rainy needed to piss, but she could hold it.  As time passed, it felt as if she had a bladder infection, or as if she'd had too much coffee.  She felt as if she would go to the bathroom at any moment.  She burned with the yearning of release, the desire to feel empty.
          Finally, the door opened, and Sin descended the stairs.  Rainy couldn't cross her legs for the straps, but she had pressed her thighs together.  She squirmed on the table like a little girl in distress.  Sin pried open Rainy's smooth thighs with both hands and checked the table for wetness.  "Good girl," she said.
          Rainy looked up at Sin as if she were looking at her father and begging for an ice-cream cone.  "Can I please piss now, Sin?  Please?"  she begged.
          Sin looked at her captive and smiled mischievously.  "You're a big girl, Rainy.  You can hold it."  She pressed her middle finger against Rainy's clit.  She hooked the tip of the finger inside Rainy's pussy.  She wiggled the tip of her finger as she thrashed her hand from side to side across Rainy's clit, the force of it shaking Rainy's whole body and the table beneath her. 
Rainy's face contorted with affliction, and she moaned.  She felt as if a little drop of piss where leaking out of her.  She thought that if one drop spilled, the floodgates would be opened.  She clenched her pubic muscles tightly to hold in the urine.  Please don't let me piss, she prayed.  She felt her pleasure growing.  She felt her breathing grow shallow and then stop as she floated on a wind of ecstasy.  The orgasm, that sweet relief -- she could feel it coming!  She could feel her heart fluttering and her feet curling and tingling --
          Sin abruptly stopped, denying the release.  "It's time for your exam."  She pulled out the stirrups.  She undid the straps and slid Rainy's bottom to the edge of the table before strapping her down again.  She snapped the yellow skin of the surgical gloves over the soft skin of her own hands.  She squeezed out a glob of KY onto two fingers.  "I'm going to insert my fingers and feel around inside you," Sin said.  "You may feel a little pressure."
          Rainy felt herself open up and swallow Sin's two fingers.  She prayed she wouldn't piss on Nurse Sin, prayed she wouldn't stain Sin's white nurse's uniform yellow with her release.  Sin pressed down on the outside of Rainy with her other hand, touching Rainy at the same place inside and out.  Rainy clenched down on the fingers, trying to hold back her piss.  A little bit trickled out onto Sin's gloved hand.  Rainy whimpered. 
"Don't piss!"  Sin commanded.  Rainy managed to cut off the flow.  The start of release just intensified her need to go.  A little bit more trickled out.  "What did I say?"  Sin reprimanded.
          "You said, 'Don't piss,' Nurse Sin."
          "Now I'm going to make you hold it longer."  Sin removed her fingers.  She retrieved the speculum and lubricated it.  Sin used two fingers to spread Rainy's inner pussy lips.  She held the bills of the speculum tightly together with the thumb and index finger of her other hand.  She then slid the cold metal into Rainy's fuck hole, inserting the speculum with the handles upright. 
Rainy felt an overwhelming urge to piss as the upper part of the speculum pressed against her bladder.  Please don't piss, Rainy prayed. 
Sin pinched the handles together, which forced the bills apart and stretched Rainy's pussy wall open.  Rainy felt as a wishbone at Sunday dinner, and she gasped.  Sin held the handles tightly together and slid the short handle down while sliding the long handle up until she heard a click, indicating the speculum had locked in place.
Sin used a penlight to illuminate Rainy's cervix.  It was pink and smooth and looked like a quarter size flesh donut with a slit in it.  Sin took a cotton swab from a sterile jar.  Rainy looked down between her wide-open legs at Sin, who had leaned down close to inspect Rainy's open pussy.  Sin held up the cotton swab.  "I'm going to use this to scrape off some cells from your cervical wall.  You may feel some cramping." 
Sin swabbed around inside Rainy.  When she finished the pap smear, she laid the specimen aside.  She rubbed Rainy's swollen, red clitoris.  Rainy clamped down to hold back her piss.  She clutched down on the speculum, which held her open and vulnerable to her lover's caress, and this feeling of utter submission excited her.  She bucked her hips, fucking the speculum, all the while desperate not to piss.  Another tear of urine dripped from her before she regained control.
Sin removed the speculum and inserted a finger.  She rubbed the front of Rainy's vaginal wall, deep inside her, with a come hither motion.  "I see the problem," Sin said.  She continued to finger fuck Rainy.  Then she slid another finger inside, then another, and another, and finally the thumb.  She pushed in past the knuckles.  Rainy felt herself being punched in the womb.  The violent intrusion was both excruciatingly painful and intensely pleasurable at the same time.  Sin continued to jerk off Rainy's clit as she fisted Rainy's cunt.  Then Sin stopped rubbing Rainy's clit and put her mouth there instead.  She started sucking.  She grunted like an animal as she sucked on Rainy's clit.  The vibrations from her voice sent tingles up Rainy's spine, and Rainy new she couldn't hold back much longer.  Sin slowly licked up Rainy's clit as she opened up her fist and worked Rainy's g-spot with her fingers. 
"Cum," Sin commanded.  Sin tore out the first guttural groans of Rainy's orgasm.  Rainy arched her back.  The chains bit into her wrist and ankles as she bucked on Sin's hand.  Sin stuck her tongue all the way out and laid it on Rainy's clit.
          "Ohh!  Ohhhhhh!"  Rainy cried out.  Her face and breasts flushed pink.  She felt a pushing out.  She ejaculated, her fluid exploding form her urethra, soaking Sin's mouth with her gush.
          Sin continued to stroke Rainy's g-spot.  She rubbed Rainy's clit violently, not letting the orgasm subside.  "Piss!" she commanded, stroking the swollen clit violently.  She tucked her pinkie into Rainy's piss hole and shook.  "Piss on me!" she screamed.
          Rainy felt as a catheter had been inserted inside her.  "Oh Kali Ma!" she cried out as she came again.  She released and completely soaked Sin's face and tits with her urine.
          Rainy relaxed.  She sighed, smiled, and then giggled.  "I went," she said.

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